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Space Satellite


Quad-Mode Satellite UBLOX GPS Module
With Latest UBLOX IC M10 Series And ESD Protection


  • GPS02-UBX GPS module features the u-blox M10 standard precision GNSS platform and provides exceptional sensitivity and acquisition times for all L1 GNSS signals. The extremely low power consumption in continuous tracking mode allows great power autonomy for all battery-operated devices, such as asset trackers, without compromising on GNSS performance.

  • GPS02-UBX module supports concurrent reception of up to four GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BDS). Note: Choose three of four, BDS and GLONASS cannot be used at the same time.

  • The high number of visible satellites enables the receiver to select the best signals.

  • This maximizes the position accuracy, in particular under challenging conditions such as in deep urban canyons. In the firmware described here,however, the number of concurrently received GNSS is limited to three. u-blox Super-S (Super-Signal) technology offers great RF sensitivity.

  • It provides high sensitivity, high positioning accuracy, low power consumption and low cost positioning and navigation solutions for the manufacture of navigation and positioning terminal products such as vehicle, ship borne, handheld and wearable.

Features of GPS Module

  • Support BDS B1I, GPS L1C/A,GLO L1OF, Gal E1-B/C frequency point

  • Support BDS/GPS/GLONASS/Galileo single-mode,dual-mode and multi-mode work, can switch between each other by command, default BDS/GPS/GLO tri-mode work

  • Support power supply to active antenna

  • With backup power input interface

  • Support hot start

  • Support external reset

  • Support UART and I2C interface

  • Cold start capture sensitivity up to -148dBm. Tracking sensitivity up to -166 dBm.

  • Support A-GNSS assisted positioning

Performance Parameters

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