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Space Satellite


Dual Mode GPS module


GPS01 is a GPS module that supports BDS B1/GPS L1/GLONASS L1 frequency point (two out of three) dual-mode navigation. It provides high sensitivity, high positioning accuracy, low power consumption and low cost positioning and navigation solutions for the manufacture of navigation and positioning terminal products such as vehicle, shipborne, handheld and wearable.

Features of GPS Module

  • GPS01Support BDS B1/GPS L1/GLONASS L1 frequency point

  • With backup power input interface

  • Support hot start

  • Support external reset

  • The following six working modes are supported, and they can be switched through commands:
    1) Single BDS B1 working mode
    2) Single GPS L1 working mode
    3) Single GLONASS L1 working mode
    4) BDS B1/GPS L1 dual-mode working mode (default mode)
    5) GLONASS L1/BDS B1 dual-mode working mode
    6) GLONASS L1/GPS L1 dual mode working mode

Performance Parameters

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