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WIFI 6 + BT 5.0 DUAL MODE : IEEE802.11 b/g/n/a/ac/ax

 ●  FSC-BW151 module adopts a high-performance SOC, it's an industry's leading WIFI6 / BT5.0 dual-mode single chip. While supporting all the indicators of WIFI6, the power consumption is the lowest in the industry. FSC-BW151 integrates Cortex-M4F CPU at the same time, the main frequency can reach 400MHz. With the help of the internal integrated 992KB SRAM, 752KB ROM and up to 128Mbit on-chip SPI flash memory, it provides users with powerful hardware support and can be used for secondary development.


 ●  FSC-BW151 has a wealth of peripheral interfaces that can be used for control and data transmission through SPI / SDIO / I2C / UART, and can be quickly applied to any microcontroller-based design.

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