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Bluetooth 5 Module High-Speed Solution
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 The Feasycom FSC-BT982 is a mini-size, high-performance, and highly integrated Bluetooth 5.2 BR/EDR/BLE module designed to operate on the 2400 MHz to 2480 Mhz ISM frequency band. With abundant peripherals, power-on reset (POR), and arithmetic accelerators, the FSC-BT982 module further reduces the cost and size of the entire Bluetooth system. It supports communicating with the FeasyBlue app and many other Bluetooth apps.


  • Bluetooth 5.2 BR/EDR/BLE dual-mode module

  • Bluetooth data and AT commands over UART host interface

  • Digital peripherals

  • Two-wire master (I2C compatible), up to 400 kbps

  • LED drive capability

  • AES256 HW encryption

  • Mini postage stamp sized form factor

  • Low power consumption (5mA working current)

  • Low cost with excellent performance

  • Small-sized module with built-in PCB antenna

  • RoHS compliant

  • BM78 pin-to-pin solution


  • Printers

  • Health Thermometers

  • Barcode Scanners

  • Industrial Sensors

  • Blood Pressure

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