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nRF52840 지원 Module 출시 예정

Bluetooth 5.0을 지원하는 nRF52840 기반 모듈이 출시되었습니다.

현재 Sample Test 단계로 Nordic Semiconductor의 Chip 출시일정에 따라 출시일정이 변동될듯 합니다.

예상하는 출시일정은 2017년 4Q 또는 2018년 1Q 정도 예상하고 있습니다.

nRF52840 Features

  • Advanced Single chip 2.4 GHz multi-protocol SoC

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F Processor

  • 1.7v to 5.5v operation

  • 1MB flash + 256kB RAM

  • Bluetooth 5 support for long range and high throughput

  • 802.15.4 radio support

  • On-chip NFC

  • PPI –Programmable Peripheral Interconnect

  • Automated power management system with automatic power management of each peripheral

  • Configurable I/O mapping for analog and digital I/O

  • 48 x GPIO

  • 1 x QSPI

  • 4 x Master/Slave SPI

  • 2 x Two-wire interface (I²C)

  • I²S interface

  • 2 x UART

  • 4 x PWM

  • USB 2.0 controller

  • ARM TrustZone CryptoCell-310 Cryptographic and security module

  • AES 128-bit ECB/CCM/AAR hardware accelerator

  • Digital microphone interface (PDM)

  • Quadrature decoder

  • 12-bit ADC

  • Low power comparator

  • On-chip 50Ω balun

  • On-air compatible with nRF52, nRF51 and nRF24 Series

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