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Bluetooth 5.1 & 5.0 & 4.2 인증 받은 블루투스 모듈로 BLE 기능을 지원합니다.

Nordic nRF52805 Chip 기반의 Module로 Nordic SDK를 이용한 개발 환경을 완벽히 지원합니다.

Softdevice S112, S113을 지원하며, Peripheral Device 개발에 최적화되어 있습니다.

2Layer PCB 사용 가능해 비용 절감이 가능합니다.

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"소형 사이즈 : 7.2 x 11.2 x 1.8mm"


"Peripheral Role 및 DLE 지원"

"최적의 가격"

  • SMALL SIZE : 7.2 X 11.2 X 1.8mm

  • 다양한 인증(KC(RF, EMC), FCC, CE, Telec, NCC, SRRC,  Bluetooth) 지원

  • 저렴한 가격


Compact size BLE Module
MDBT42T Module Specification

Bluetooth and Radio

  • Raytac's MDBT42T & MDBT42T-P is a BT5.2 & BT5.1 & BT5 stack (Bluetooth low energy or BLE) module designed based on Nordic nRF52805 SoC solution, which incorporates: GPIO, SPI, UART, I2C, and ADC interfaces for connecting peripherals and sensors.

    Quick Specifications
    ‧Multi-protocol 2.4GHz radio
    ‧32-bit ARM Cortex – M4 processor
    ‧192KB flash programmed memory and 24KB RAM
    ‧Software stacks available as downloads
    ‧Application development independent from protocol stack
    ‧On-air compatible with nRF51, nRF24AP and nRF24L series
    ‧Programmable output power from +4dBm to -20dBm
    ‧RAM mapped FIFOs using EasyDMA
    ‧Flexible and configurable 10 pin GPIO
    ‧Programmable peripheral interface - PPI
    ‧Full set of digital interface all with Easy DMA including:
    ‧1 x Hardware SPI master ; 1 x Hardware SPI slave ‧1 x two-wire master ; 1 x two-wire slave
    ‧1 x UART (CTS / RTS)
    ‧2 channel 12-bit / 200KSPS ADC
    ‧128-bit AES ECB / CCM / AAR co-processor
    ‧Low power 32MHz crystal and RC oscillators
    ‧Wide supply voltage range 1.7V to 3.6V
    ‧On-chip DC/DC buck converter
    ‧Individual power management for all peripherals ‧Timer counter
    ‧3x 32-bit
    ‧2 x 24-bit RTC

General Specification

  • SIZE : 7.2 x 11.2 x 1.8 mm

  • Weight : 0.64g

Software Specification

  • Nordic SDK : nRF52 SDK

  • Softdevice 

    • S112 : Peripheral  Only

    • S113 : Peripheral Only

Model Part number

  • MDBT42T-192K : RAM 24K, FLASH 192K Chip Antenna type

  • MDBT42T-P192K : RAM 24K, FLASH 192K PCB Antenna type

    AT Command Firmware

  • MDBT42T-AT : RAM 24K, FLASH 192K Chip Antenna type

  • MDBT42T-PAT : RAM 24K, FLASH 192K PCB Antenna type

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